Summer Construction Work

This summer, the depot is undergoing a first phase of construction work, primarily to stabilize and protect the building. The work scope will include structural repairs, a new roof, repairs to the exterior and a coat of paint, as well as preliminary plumbing and the beginnings of demising walls between different areas.

Postscript to the Building Narratives Class

CCA’s semester ended a couple of weeks ago. After the exhibition and performances at the depot on April 21, students of CCA’s Building Narrative class buckled down and worked to document and summarize their projects. Their instructors, Melissa Martin and Alexis Petty, are in the process of compiling this documentation and putting it together in the form of a book. I’ll create another post when the book is completed and printed to let everyone know how they can see it or order a copy.

Thanks, everyone, for your participation and collaboration in this really wonderful class – especially to all of the community members who met and talked with the students during their research.

Live Zumba Performance at the Depot on 4/21/12

Please join us on Saturday, April 21 for a fantastic exhibition of installations and events at the Esparto train station.

Students from the California College of the Arts have drawn inspiration from Esparto residents and local farmers and will be displaying and performing their visions of the past, present and future of the region in general and the depot in particular. We’ll have wine tastings from local wineries, sound, light and film projections inside the old depot and waiting room, additional pieces inspired by Esparto kids, firemen and librarians, AND an interactive installation on the grounds.

It all starts promptly at 3:00 p.m. At 4:00 p.m., a live performance of Zumba dancing will take place in the depot, with Esparto’s finest Zumba dancers (and CCA student Gigi Otalvaro), led by Cheryl Rust and Thanya Oliveira. We’ll also have a live poetry reading. Come!

Tours of the Old Train Station – This Saturday

This Saturday, November 5, I’ll be leading short tours of the inside of the Esparto Train Station in conjunction with the Grand Opening of Esparto’s downtown. The tours will begin every half hour on the half hour, starting at 11 a.m. and continuing until 2 p.m. We’ll meet outside the back entrance, near the fence on County Road 87. If you get there after a tour has started, just wait outside and I’ll be back to start another tour very soon. Bring your stories, questions, insights and speculations – and any photos that show the station in its previous incarnations. It’s free.

Thanks for helping!

Many thanks to all of you who came out on Saturday morning to help clean up the grounds of the station. We got a lot done! It was a beautiful day and it was nice to meet and talk with you, each. Special thanks to Melissa Jordan for bringing home-made sticky buns, and to Ray Burton, Jim Durst and Mark Harrington for bringing their equipment and machines for the big stuff. Also to Bonnie, Pat, Anthony, Dixie, Dan, Julie, Alice, Fred and Thomas, for your hours of careful raking, hoing, trimming, brick-stacking and cleaning.