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If you’d like to participate in this spring’s ENGAGE class (course description below), just click on the ‘Sign Up to Participate in the ENGAGE Class‘ link in the masthead above. I’m also providing a link in the sidebar, for easy access. Comments or questions about the class can also be posted there using a built-in form. When you submit a form, it will be sent directly to the class instructors, Melissa Martin and Alexis Petty. Maria McVarish will also be copied.

Poster for ENGAGE Class

2 thoughts on “Sign Up!

  1. I would like to know the details of the “class” – If I sign up, what am I agreeing to do? Does the class meet once or several times? On what days? Daytime or evening? How long? What will be the result of participation in the class — a report? Video? Summary of responses?

    As you can see, I have a lot of questions! I live in the Capay Valley near Brooks and am interested in what happens to the Esparto Train Station.

  2. These are good questions – thank you. The answers warrant a whole new post – so I’ll do that next. One quick response, though, is that the outcomes of the class will take a variety of forms – as varied, perhaps, as the range of skills and inspirations of the students and their community partners. The overall framework is that community members will inform the students and the students will use this information, along with their own observations, to guide their design processes. Their processes will culminate in an art or design installations (probably at the train station, but it could be anywhere they have permission to work) in whatever media they deem appropriate. The class will include both undergraduates and graduate students. We hope to enlist them from a wide cross-section of CCA’s degree programs: graphic design, fashion, architecture, writing, interiors, painting, or sculpture, to name a few.

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