Live Zumba Performance at the Depot on 4/21/12

Please join us on Saturday, April 21 for a fantastic exhibition of installations and events at the Esparto train station.

Students from the California College of the Arts have drawn inspiration from Esparto residents and local farmers and will be displaying and performing their visions of the past, present and future of the region in general and the depot in particular. We’ll have wine tastings from local wineries, sound, light and film projections inside the old depot and waiting room, additional pieces inspired by Esparto kids, firemen and librarians, AND an interactive installation on the grounds.

It all starts promptly at 3:00 p.m. At 4:00 p.m., a live performance of Zumba dancing will take place in the depot, with Esparto’s finest Zumba dancers (and CCA student Gigi Otalvaro), led by Cheryl Rust and Thanya Oliveira. We’ll also have a live poetry reading. Come!

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