What’s Next for the Depot?

Please join me on Saturday, March 23, from 3-5 p.m. at the Esparto Depot to discuss ideas for future uses of the building and land. What are the options? Here’s a list of ideas people have offered so far:

Restaurant, Fresh Produce Store/Deli (showcasing local fruits, vegetables, olives, nuts, meats, ice cream, etc.), Brewery + Beer Garden, Office, Retail, Gallery, Organic Nursery and Demonstration Farm, Farmer’s Market, Event Center, Community Center…

Have I left any out that you think we should consider? If so, please post a comment here and add your own idea. The property lends itself to anywhere from two to five uses (in the depot itself) plus one or two additional uses of the grounds.

On Saturday, March 23, I’d like to host a general discussion about all of the ideas on the table. I’d like to talk about logistics, funding, and timing for the next stages of work – and begin making decisions about uses for the depot. Anyone and everyone who wants to be a part of the depot’s future is invited to attend.

Thanks, everyone, who has helped and offered good ideas so far. – Maria McVarish

8 thoughts on “What’s Next for the Depot?

  1. There are a group of us hoping to form the nonprofit “Folk and Farm Center of Capay Valley” which would be for the purpose of organizing and marketing, well, folk and farm skills classes. Two major purposes are to bring more visitors to/publicize our valley and bring income to local craftsmen/farmers/retail/lodging businesses. Teachers from outside the valley would also be welcome, but the events would happen here in Capay Valley. Examples of classes: spinning, dyeing wool with plants, building the soil, beer-making, cooking with fermented goods, building strawbale houses, etc. Although the classes would be marketed and organized through a central website, we are thinking they could be held at various locations in the valley depending on the class. One location we would like to consider would be your train station in Esparto. Do you have an email via which we can communicate? Our group’s next meeting is scheduled for 2/11 at 7 pm in the Guinda Grange hall. Anyone can come who’s interested in learning more or being part of the project.

  2. The preceeding all sound like great ideas!
    Here are some additional suggestions from Lauren Elder:
    1, Are you still interested in engaging with cross-country bicycle riders?
    Some of my friends would be thrilled!
    2. What do you think about a city-country young writers exchange (Spanish-English)
    with youth from the SUPERB program at 826 Valencia. http://826valencia.org/about/
    My friend, Vickie Vertiz, (formerly CCA) who works there, would also like to share with adults.
    3. What do you think about “socials”/community events with/from/for Latino farm-workers? I have gotten to know many via the Oakland Farmers’ Markets and feel like this might me a popular initiative.
    4. What about serving as a meeting and/or exhibition venue for Yolo Arts
    “Art & Ag” Program? (Artists who paint and photograph on local ranches).

  3. A cafe would be nice…we are hurting for local, affordable eateries. Coffee, salad, sandwiches…and we could highlight the wealth of local vegetables and fruits and meats. Cafes are also good multi purpose venues, e.g.for performances, bookshops, art displays. If someone wanted to open a bakery, I would probably go there every day 🙂

    I would love a cross cultural space where Latino and Anglo people both feel welcome. Maybe a place to play occasional music, dance, eat outside when the weather is warm. Affordability is important, I think, and a welcoming attitude.

    Thank you so much for asking! Let me know how I can help.

  4. I love the ideas above, particularly something that works with the unique products our valley has to offer. In addition, something similar to Steady Eddys in Winters would be a location I would use frequently. Coffee shop and light foodstuffs, a good place to meet up with friends that is dog- and kid-friendly would be popular for me and my peers. Another example that comes to mind is an extremely popular spot I have enjoyed greatly in Louisville CO – a partnership between Sweet Cow Ice Cream and Lucky Pie Pizza. They are immediately adjacent to each other, their foods complement each other, there is a large joint patio full of tables/chairs/kids bouncy seats.

  5. What going on with this project? Check out Root Stock in Winters. That concept would work great in your space. The depot is a perfect place for all the craftsmen, artists & artisans of the Capay Valley to show and sell items unique to the area.

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