Join Us Sunday, October 8, for a Treasure Hunt at the Depot

Come one, come all — kids especially welcome! On Sunday, October 8, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., local treasure hunter Kelly Johnson will comb the depot’s grounds with a metal detector for buried treasures. Drop by anytime to see what he finds! We’ll build up a temporary display as the day progresses and I’ll be on hand to show off recent improvements within the building. Free lemonade as long as it lasts!

3 thoughts on “Join Us Sunday, October 8, for a Treasure Hunt at the Depot

    • Thanks for checking in. I had the ceiling cleaned in the depot area — I think that’s what you saw. I’m in the process of preparing a set of drawings to get a permit for the next (and last) round of construction work. It took me a year to get a permit out of Yolo County for minor improvements to the old station agent’s apartment, so it may be a little while ; – ) I’ll post an update here once I have news about the timing for that work. — Maria

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