Thanks for checking in – and thanks for your patience to those of you who’ve been waiting since we got the sign up last week. I’ll be using this site to post information about my plans and process for developing the Esparto Train Station. This will include – eventually – architectural drawings, progress photos and scheduling goals. I’ve set it up with the specific hope of eliciting input (stories, images, comments and questions) from you, especially if you’re from the area and would like to contribute or get involved in the project in some way. You can post a comment by typing a message below, or at the bottom of the ‘About Mnemic Train’ page (a link for which is in the masthead above). I’ll check the comments here regularly and respond to questions as my time permits.

Thanks much – I look forward to hearing from you.

Maria McVarish

17 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. There was an identical station in Rumsey. The stationmaster’s house (the top of the structure) was moved to my property and is now the main house. Mine is in much better shape. it has undergone some changes, but is certainly recognizable.

  2. Wow! I’d heard that there had been a similar station in Rumsey, but had no idea that part of it (the top part, no less) was still there, and in use. If the opportunity ever presents itself, I hope you’ll introduce yourself to me in person because I’d love to hear more about how the station agent’s old quarters look now. – Maria

  3. Sounds like an interesting project. Please keep me informed about the developments. As a Capay Valley resident I would like to participate.
    Pamela Bateman

  4. I am so glad that someone has decided to restore the depot. There is alot of history
    in that building. And I can not wait to see the final outcome.

  5. I think it is wonderful that the train station landmark is going to be restored. I grew up in Esparto , my father owned and operated the drug store (another landmark in town). I remember fondly the attempts of some of the local businessmen to establish it once again as a place of business, and also housing our library. Best wishes for success in undertaking such a historical project. I will be watching with great interest!

      • I know it’s been a couple of years since this post but wanted to add some memories of my own: I grew up in Esparto and spent many hours at the public library housed in the old train depot. When I was 14, in the summer of 1970, my first real job was assisting the librarian. I loved that old depot! I haven’t been back to Esparto in a few years but can’t wait to see the restoration!

  6. That is cool! Glad to see someone who is willing to bring it back!!! I remember when there was a feed store there!! Keep me informed!!

  7. I’ve been a resident in Esparto since 1985 and I have heard of numerous attempts to restore the train station over the past few decades. Im very glad to hear someone who has a background with community development take such a dedicated interest in such an integral part of Esparto History. I look forward to following the progress on this project!

  8. So excited for this project! I have had wishes and dreams for that space for so long… glad to see someone is bringing the old girl back to life.
    I have worked as a muralist for about 20 years. Including works as close as Woodland on Main St. and as far away as Toronto Canada. For the past 5 years I have produced, directed and staged the plays for Esparto High School. If I can be of help in any way, I would love to be involved.
    Thank you for bringing life back to Esparto!
    Tracy Nash

  9. I always thought that the depot would make a great steak and rib place….Surround it with old rail cars for extra dining room. But of course, is there a market here for that here?…Could it pay for itself and operation?…Hard to get the casino travelers to stop for any reason when they are headed up the Valley…and most are broke coming back… and not many diners in Esparto that will eat-out that often. Whatever they do it is better than seen the Grand-Ol-Lady fall apart. Charlie Schaupp

  10. I’m so glad that someone is going to restore the train station! I have always loved the building and hoped that someone who cared for it’s history would do something with it.

  11. What a nice website & did not know the old train depot is being refurbished. As a young boy I used to walk from my grandparents home (Freeman & Ora Mae Parker) to Wyatt’s General Store to pick up groceries for my Grandmother. I was around eight years old then & remember the train traveling along the south end of the Parker almond orchard. I loved the sound of the train as it went along it’s way up through Capay Valley. Our Mother, Lois Richter, grew up on the Parker almond orchard & has many memories of the Esparto Train Station. As I entered my teen years I remember the train tracks being torn up. I was disappointed to see them go. Our Mother is 93 years old & lives in Woodland, CA. She has many memories as I said of the train depot but I will ask her if she has any old pictures that she can find. If she does, I could reach back out to you to see if you would like a copy of them. Please let me know. I will discuss this with her tomorrow. I will also sign up on your Facebook page so I can see all future progress.

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