Building Narratives Exhibition 4.21.2012


The semester is in full swing and the students are exploring some really rich ideas for their installations at the train depot. They will be giving formal presentations of their concepts in today’s class for Sue Heitman, Maria McVarish and Megan Clark (from the CCA Center for Art & Public Life). We will be recording the presentations and posting selected ones to the Mnemic website for your viewing pleasure. 🙂

The exhibition of the final works will be April 21st, 2012 @ 3pm. The ideas behind the work have been inspired by the many wonderful stories and information that has been shared with us by the community. Many of the installations will be interactive in some way to encourage everyone to explore the depot in new ways and see how your stories have inspired our work.

More updates will be posted soon! Hope to see you all there.



Thanks for checking in – and thanks for your patience to those of you who’ve been waiting since we got the sign up last week. I’ll be using this site to post information about my plans and process for developing the Esparto Train Station. This will include – eventually – architectural drawings, progress photos and scheduling goals. I’ve set it up with the specific hope of eliciting input (stories, images, comments and questions) from you, especially if you’re from the area and would like to contribute or get involved in the project in some way. You can post a comment by typing a message below, or at the bottom of the ‘About Mnemic Train’ page (a link for which is in the masthead above). I’ll check the comments here regularly and respond to questions as my time permits.

Thanks much – I look forward to hearing from you.

Maria McVarish